An Exercise Stress Echo is useful in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease, detecting cardiac arrhythmias as well as the assessment of shortness of breath. The test itself takes approximately 45 minutes and involves 3 phases.

Phase 1:

  • A cardiac technician will place electrodes on your chest and connect you to the ECG monitoring system. A Cardiac Sonographer will then take some resting pictures of your heart with the ultrasound machine.

Phase 2:

  • The Cardiac Technician will then take you through the exercise component of the test which involves walking on a treadmill to increase your heart rate whilst your vital signs are monitored.

Phase 3:

  • Once the exercise component of the test has finished, the Cardiac Sonographer will re-image your heart with the ultrasound machine to assess for any abnormalities. The Cardiologist will review these images as well as the ECG tracings and then discuss the results with you.
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