A Coronary Angiogram is a procedure that looks closely at your coronary arteries to determine if there is any narrowing or blockages. Your Cardiologist may want to perform this procedure if they are suspicious that you have coronary artery disease or are suffering from symptoms such as angina (chest pain).

This procedure is performed in either the Coronary Angiography Unit at Coffs Harbour Health Campus Hospital or at Baringa Private Hospital. It involves the injection of dye through catheters (small tubes) which is able to be seen with the X-ray machine to determine if there is any build-up of plaque and narrowing of your arteries. If you are found to have a significant blockage during the procedure a cardiac stent may need to be inserted. This involves the Cardiologist opening the artery up with a tiny inflatable balloon, after which a small meshed stent will be positioned in the artery and then dilated with another balloon to compress it into the artery. With time, the stent will become a part of the artery wall. During this time you will be required to be on certain blood thinning medications. This will be discussed with you at the time of your procedure by your heart doctor.